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Our Sensex swing calls are top technical analysis research of combined Sensex index & BSE stock charts study. Whether to purchase or sell Sensex shares today is to some extent addressed by our Sensex technical analysis report.

Interesting fact about stock markets is, indices need to be reviewed daily as markets check. In globalized economy, Indian markets are closely associated with world markets. Market pulse stock advisory offers free premarket check on Sensex of Bombay Stock Exchange here. Intraday support resistance level is of great help in predicting live market movement. Get experts 
views on Nifty, Bank Nifty and Bse Sensex at one place. You can easily judge Bombay Stock Exchange trading trend by following pivot point strategy


Technical analysis of Bse charts can provide lots of information on Indian markets movement which can be of immense help for stock investing decision. Knowing about weaker Sensex trend, short-term investor may think of selling some of portfolio stocks in which substantial gain has already been made. While stronger looking Bombay Stock Exchange trend will encourage stock investing in momentum stocks available at cheap price as short-term stock market trading opportunity. So, tracking Indian indices is most important and first thing to do for smart investors. 


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Giving you complete information on market like when purchasing shares in current stock market conditions what will be your bargain purchase price for individual share? Or at what level of Sensex and Nifty buying stocks will be profitable? Our tips on shares and stock market investment advisory services will help you in creating good shares portfolio, which may deliver you good returns in short term. My technical stock experts provide premarket predictions on BSE prices. Our technical trading calls are simple to understand and help stock market professionals to judge live Bombay Stock Exchange trading movement. Checking our recent predictions one can find some of our premarket picks were in the list of top gainer & losers shares on Bombay Stock Exchange on given date. Market pulse stock advisory recommends only best shares following stock charts performances and one can realize, as our recommendations consistently reflected under top gainers and loser shares list of BSE 





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Sensex analysis for 24-Dec-2012




Technical Weaker Looking Indian Markets, Dalal Street Sensex Check for 24-Dec-2012 | BSE Sensex Weaker Trend

Despite both Nifty and Sensex closed reflecting weaker trend in Indian stock markets. However, in comparison to Nifty, BSE Sensex has shown some hopes by giving closing above crucial technical support 19231. Sensex on Monday if holds and trades above 19231 will indicate some positive hopes for possible recovery after couple of bearish sessions in Indian stock markets. If holds and trades above 19231 one may expect move towards 19509 while keeping lower and trading below 19231, Sensex will be seen drifting towards 19172.9 to 19086.2 level gradually.

Last closing at 18694.41 BSE Sensex is looking attractive if it holds and stays above 18736. Holding above 18736 BSE Sensex and over all Indian markets are looking positive as fresh buying support will continue for Sensex level 18736 and above with expected closing at anything above 18736 If holds and trades below 18736 some profit booking is not ruled out. 

Sensex support at 16390.9 for intraday tomorrow. Staying above this Bse Sensex may advance to level of 16555.6 and even 16695.5 with fresh long build up to start if spot Sensex stays above 16572. While staying below 16390.9 will be weak for Bse market with fresh selling pressure to start if Sensex stays below 16375 and look for possible down side target of 16252.5

Bse Sensex closed on Friday at 16217.82 which is good level. If stays in green or trades above 16217.82 it may look for target of 16279.8 to even 16323.2 as staying above 16321 will bring fresh buying support for Bse market and expected closing is anything above 16321. While staying in red may see some profit booking with market may look to level of 16030.2 to even 15951. With staying below 15951 will bring fresh selling pressure in Indian exchanges and expected closing is anything below 15951 for Monday

Good closing by Sensex on last Friday at 16152.75 but world markets are not looking in great mood and selling pressure continued in US and European markets last Friday. Sensex may break 16000 level on Monday if stays in red with staying and holding below 15918 will bring fresh selling pressure in Indian markets with expected closing below 15918. At the same time staying above 16295 will be positive for Indian markets as Fresh buying support will make it's presence above this level

17227.7 is important trading support level for tomorrow, staying above this market is looking to remain stable with possibility of continuation of up trend. But staying below 17227.7 is not great News for market with 17118 being last level to hold on intraday basis staying below 17118 will bring fresh selling in the market with expected closing below 17118 Staying above 17227.7 up side possible target may be 17537.6 to 17576.3 with moving above 17621 fresh buying support will return to market with expected closing above 17621 



Sensex has very important trading support at 17668 staying above which markets are looking ok with possible up side target of 17872.1 to 17897.1 and more is possible. While staying below 17668 markets are looking weak with down side target of 17665.4 to 17535.5 with fresh selling pressure on market to continue with Sensex level below 17668


17436 is intraday trading support for Sensex staying above this level target of 17696.7 to 17740.3 and more is possible with already fresh buying supported as long as Sensex stays in green. While moving below 17436 slight profit booking is expected with Sensex may find level of 17334.5  which is another good support on downside on daily basis. However breaking and staying below 17334.5 some serious selling may come to market with move up to 17116 and lower is possible




With technical intraday support at 17044.5 up side move and target may be 17250.1 with holding above 17299 will bring fresh buying support to Bse with move to level of 17385 is likely. While staying below 17044.5 target of  16961 which if taken out and Sensex could not manage to stay above 16961 then fresh selling pressure on market may take Sensex to possible 16877.0 level



With good intraday trading support at 17556.8 Sensex on holding and staying above this level will tend to move higher and may test target of 17734.1 to 17759.1  while staying below 17556.8 Indian markets are looking certainly weak with expected closing 17514- level today


With trading support at 17531.7 staying above which intraday target of 17734.1 to 17759.1 and more is likely possible. While holding below 17531.7 downside move up to 17369.4 may not be ruled out


With trading support at 18115 staying below which Sensex is looking weak on technical level with fresh selling to push it down to 18045.1 and even lower level. But staying above 18115 it may regain some of it's yesterday's losses and may show level up to 18411.1 with staying above 18457  will bring fresh buying support in Indian markets and expecting closing above 18457+ level while staying below 18115 Sensex is expected to give closing below 18115 level


With intraday trading support at 18282.3 looking for target of 18675.4 to 18721.4 which although looking high considering present trading trend of European markets but on technical side this levels are looking possible if Sensex spot holds and trades above 18282.3 While staying below this target of 18227.9 and lower is seen


Trading support is at 18227.9, staying above this level possible intraday target may be 18411.1 to 18484.9 possible. While holding and trading below 18227.9 down side move up to 18045.1 may take place 

Sensex analysis for 09/Feb/2012

Bse Sensex looking good on closing basis yesterday with intraday trading support at 17593.5 staying above which Sensex may get to target of 17788.1 and even 17807.1+ with in best case expecting closing above 17833+ level While staying below 17593.5 it may drift down to 17428.0 and more

Sensex analysis for 08/Feb/2012

Bse Sensex closed near to it's intraday trading support level for tomorrow, which is at 17624.1 holding and trading above this level Sensex may look for up side target of 17801.2 and more. While holding below 17624.1 Sensex may test level of 17428

Sensex analysis for 06/Feb/2012

For Bse Sensex 17697 is crucial trading resistance for tomorrow If Sensex stays and trades above 17697 positive trend to continue for market on Monday. While staying below 17697 may see some profit booking on intraday basis

Sensex analysis for 01/Feb/2012

Bse Sensex has an intraday trading resistance at 17244 which it needs to break and hold above this level and even close above this level to confirm yesterday's up trend continuation

Sensex analysis for 31/Jan/2012

Bse Sensex closed at 16863.30 yesterday which is already indicating selling pressure on market. Sense needs to stay and trade above 16949 in order to ease off some selling pressure in the market and positive trend revival again. Staying below 16949 is going to be negative for market tomorrow

Sensex analysis for 27/Jan/2012

For today 17157 is trading resistance while 16990 is trading support for Bse Sensex

Sensex analysis for 23/Jan/2012

As yesterday's analysis will continue with Sensex trading support at 16637.4 holding and trading above this level, intraday Sensex target of 16845.6 to 17016.8 is possible. On other hand staying below 16637.4 may take Sensex to test another good support at 16612.4 which if gets broken and do not recover then market is considered as weak

Sensex analysis for 23/Jan/2012

Bse Sensex today has good trading support at 16637.4, holding above this level intraday target of 16845.6 to 16988.9 is possible, while staying below 16637.4 Sensex may fall to 16529.8 and even lower levels

Sensex analysis for 20/Jan/2012

Bse Sensex last closed at 16643.7 for today if Sensex holds and trades above 16529.8 it may climb to levels of 16869.3 to 16910.9 but staying below 16529.8 it may drift down to 16381.7

Sensex analysis for 17/Jan/2012

Bse Sensex last closed at 16466.1, trading support for Sensex is at good distance down at 16295.4 which indicates over bought position and some risk accumulation. Today investors need to wait for an opportunity at support level of Sensex if markets get there as chances of market may either look for some profit booking or bulls may tighten their grip further on market and pull it upwards further to intraday levels of 16568.7 to 16609.5 while holding below 16295.4 Sensex may drift down to lower levels of 16111.7 and even more

Sensex analysis for 17/Jan/2012

Sensex yesterday closed at 16189.4 For today Sensex is facing trading resistance at 16227.7 if Sensex gets over this and stays above this level then upside target for Sensex may be 16273.6 and more but below 16227.7 Sensex may drift down and test lower support levels at 16070.8 

Sensex analysis for 13/Jan/2012

Sensex last closing was at 16037.51 For today Bse Sensex is facing trading resistance at 16154.3 if it get and stays over it then intraday target of 16273.6 and even more is looking possible. But staying below 16154.3  it may drift down to 15993.5 and even 15891.7 today

Sensex analysis for 12/Jan/2012

Sensex yesterday closed at 16175.9 Crucial trading support for Sensex intraday today is at 16111.7 If Sensex trades and holds above this level intraday level of 16273.6 and even 16400 is possible While staying below 16111.7 Sensex may drift down to 15986.5 and even lower levels. Crucial swing trading level for Sensex is 16111.7

Sensex analysis for 09/Jan/2012

Sensex in Saturday closed at 15848.80 Indian markets have shown range bound movement in Nifty and Sensex. Sensex on crossing 15889 needs to hold on and give close above this level to start further upward journey of Indian indices. While staying below last close may take Sensex to 15973.7 and further lower levels

Sensex analysis for 05/Jan/2012

Bse Sensex is looking good if it holds and trades above 15889 tomorrow then fresh support will be extended to Indian markets in current rally. Trading support for Sensex tomorrow is at 15781 below which market is looking slightly weak 

Sensex analysis for 04/Jan/2012

All important Sensex analysis was posted yesterday. As Bse Sensex is now in a short term bull run with trading support for intraday at 15888 If Sensex holds above this level No worry for broader market

Sensex analysis for 03/Jan/2012

Sensex last closing was at 15517.92 if Sensex manages to stay above 15490 today it may test resistance level of 15662 to even 15889 with staying above 15889 fresh buying will be supported and Sensex is expected to close above 15889 in best bull run of today

Sensex analysis for 02/Jan/2012

As expected Bse Sensex has closed below 15490 and closed at 15454.92 which is technically very weak closing for Bseindia market. On Monday Sensex needs to overcome 15490 level to show any sign of positive recovery for Indian markets. Staying below 15490 will continue weak trend for market


Sensex analysis for 30/Dec/2011

Sensex has good support 15490 if that holds today and Sensex trades and stays above 15490 it can move to 15661 to 15889 with fresh buying support for Indian markets to continue with Sensex staying above 15889 with even closing expected in best case at 15889+ level while breaking below 15490 is exit from long today with fresh selling pressure force Sensex to close at 15490- level today

Sensex analysis for 29/Dec/2011

Sensex on Wednesday closed at  15727.85, Today Sensex may look to test 15578.4 level if stays in the red with fresh selling to start If Sensex falls and stays below 15481 while on the upside staying in green may take Sensex to 15802 with fresh buying support to start for India market if Sensex manages to hold above 15896. Some good development News on political front may pull Sensex in the despite of Negative clues from the US and European stock markets. Over all today may be a day of volatile trading session with trading range 15578.4 - 15802 going above or below this levels will hint at trend change today

Sensex analysis for 28/Dec/2011

Bse Sensex last closed at 15873.95  fresh buying in current rally will be supported only if Sensex tomorrow holds and trades above 15903 which may create chances of Sensex testing 16000 level with expected closing above 15903 level While staying below 15903 Sensex may test 15795 and even lower levels 

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