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December 6, 2012

Technical analysts help professional share traders to focus on important market level while watching live trading online as markets tend to resist crucial technical level while moving up or take support while being beaten down at important technical points. Job of technical analysts’ is to find out important market level for day-to-day or short term trading. Market Pulse Stock Advisory providing complete strategy for Nifty trading in very simple language with no heavy theories to make readers feel the stress of technical words. We just give concluding report on Nifty movement at premarket which proved very helpful to understand Indian stock market trend change by focusing only at few crucial points of Nifty index. One such recent report was as under

Nifty Market Online Trading View for 04-Dec-2012

 Nifty closed on Monday now what is market direction going to trade tomorrow? Checking on technical level Market Pulse Stock Advisory sees better buying opportunity around 5843 level If Nifty spot will hold and trade above 5843 and may look to target 5908 and more level on upside with staying above 5908 Nifty spot will get fresh buying attraction on technical level. Holding below 5843 will indicate weakness in Indian markets for intraday market tomorrow.

Although market did trade within range band of 5843 – 5908 when open at 5866.80 made low at 5859.00 and then went on to hit day’s high at 5894.95 We didn't give any further premarket updates on Nifty market on social networking or our own websites for 05-Dec-2012 or 06-Dec-2012.  Nifty opened at 5906.60 on 05-Dec-2012 with almost gap up opening by 17 points and then went on to make high of 5917.80 and low at 5891.35 Today in context of previous two day’s movement Nifty once again opened with good gap up at 5926.30 up by almost 26 points to its previous closing level but then Indian markets seen TakeMyView Naturally Best Nifty Analystssome good selling and Nifty fell down to 5838.90 which if you refer to our 04-Dec-2012 Nifty premarket report was at our crucial point of 5843 just went below by few points and then started staged recovery from there and went on to move pass 5908 once again with plenty of buying professional experts must have witnessed today when it came back from low’s of the day and then when went pass 5908 rally showed ferocious and very aggressive positive move to jump further higher. In absence of our fresh Nifty position report even our very recent Nifty predictions may also sometimes stand so useful as one can notice by checking Nifty movement on chart today.

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How technical analyst can prove excellence of calls quality and accuracy on Nifty expiry day is better demonstrated with live performance of last Thursday in April-2013. My premarket stock trading analysis on Indian markets was shared on Google+ at 07:48:44 AM(IST) on 25-Apr-2013 in form of Nifty report. Top performance of last expiry calls of TakeMyView have raised standard to the highest level as EOD excellent Nifty results shows. Just check this!!! 2013-04-25 T375M Mumbai

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